ETW Programs:


In 2007, Encouraging the World originated in the mind of its founder during a mountain hike in Cyprus. Since its conception, Encouraging the World (ETW) has worked in orphanages, juvenile homes, schools, and churches throughout the world.

ETW began in Bethlehem working with the Al-Harah Theater Group and Contacting the World. ETW choreographed and co-directed Facehook?!, currently touring the Middle East and Europe. This work aims to communicate the lives and struggles of Arab youth through music, dance, and drama.

ETW has launched several projects in the Philippines to serve orphan and juvenile communities, recruiting 50 volunteers from Thailand, Baltimore, Holland, and the Philippines. These projects included tree plantings, clothing drives, hosting a “Nutrition Month” for an elementary school, and feeding an indigenous community of 600 children and families.

In 2013, ETW was incorporated in Baltimore, Maryland and founded with a vision to offer youth volunteer community revitalization projects, awareness of global competence, international excursions, big brother support, performance and visual arts, sports, special events, English lessons, Bible classes, youth leadership and conflict resolution workshops.

Encouraging the World was presented with the Black Male Engagement (BMe) Leadership Award with partnerships through the Knight Foundation. January 2014, our founder, Cirron Lanier Greenidge, was recognized as an Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation for his work on Encouraging the World. Recently, Encouraging The World became a program of Fusion Partnerships, Inc..


ETW International Service Program- ETW Youth Ambassadors travel abroad for a 2-week international enrichment service cultural excursion, facilitating youth -led activities for parentless children.

ETW Architect Program- ETW Ambassadors are required to participate in monthly enrichment and volunteer service projects in Maryland, building up the community.

Friday, June 27, 2014

ETW in Haiti building the second floor to Children Light Ministries.

                                Taking a break on the Beach!

                                 Sifting sand to make cement.

 Need to move all that sand off the road. Whew!!  2nd load

Thursday, June 26, 2014

ETW in Haiti, Shaheem's Bday June 26, 2014

                         Shaheem's 16th International Birthday,
                               ETW's 2nd Youth Ambassador

Sunday, June 22, 2014

We are in Haiti!!!!! From Baltimore to Miami to HAITI!!!

                                              Off to Haiti!!!

                                 At BWI Baltimore Airport
                                         Airplane to Miami

              Straight of the plane, on the truck to the orphanage
                                                         1 hour ride.
                                   In Miami at Ben's from BMe.
          Walking to the orphange from our Bon Samaritan Inn

                1st day and getting her hair braided by MaNdycka

                  Children Light Ministries Orphanage Family Tree