ETW Programs:


In 2007, Encouraging the World originated in the mind of its founder during a mountain hike in Cyprus. Since its conception, Encouraging the World (ETW) has worked in orphanages, juvenile homes, schools, and churches throughout the world.

ETW began in Bethlehem working with the Al-Harah Theater Group and Contacting the World. ETW choreographed and co-directed Facehook?!, currently touring the Middle East and Europe. This work aims to communicate the lives and struggles of Arab youth through music, dance, and drama.

ETW has launched several projects in the Philippines to serve orphan and juvenile communities, recruiting 50 volunteers from Thailand, Baltimore, Holland, and the Philippines. These projects included tree plantings, clothing drives, hosting a “Nutrition Month” for an elementary school, and feeding an indigenous community of 600 children and families.

In 2013, ETW was incorporated in Baltimore, Maryland and founded with a vision to offer youth volunteer community revitalization projects, awareness of global competence, international excursions, mentoring, youth leadership and conflict resolution programming.

In 2014, ETW Baltimore Youth served The Children's Light Ministries Orphanage and facilitated programming to support the build their home extension, hosted a youth sexual education workshop, and taught English to children 5 - 18 years old. ETW Baltimore Youth were empowered by facilitating and sharpening their leadership skills.

Encouraging the World was presented with:

2013 BMe Leadership Award

2014 Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation


ETW Youth Board
- ETWYB consist of 8-10 youth. Supports ETW with decision making, youth engagement, and programming.

ETW International Service Program
- ETW Youth Ambassadors engage in local community and youth development programming for 1 year.
- ETWYA travel abroad for a 2-week international service enrichment excursion, facilitating youth -led activities for parent-less children and receive leadership training.

ETW Time
- Safe space where youth and community can discuss, create, and form relationships. Produce media, art, speeches, and performance art related works about their lives. Monthly community chosen chats about social, economic, race, arts...


1. ETW Youth Board - To empower a selected group of youth to provide pathways for their peers to engage in positive relationships and opportunities.

2. ETW International Service Program - To expand and provide the ambassadors with a heighten awareness of global affairs and international economies by traveling.

3. ETW Time - To provide a safe space where youth and community can discuss, create, and form relationships. Produce media, art, speeches, and performance art related works about their lives.

Encouraging The World is a program of Fusion Partnerships, Inc..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Samir is in flight. Brian and Jethro will be staying off and on at Driggs with Cirron. Getting the tally together for the slipper sizes. There are now only a hand full of children at Gemma. We are making arrangements to meet with the homes they've been transferred to. This Sunday we are taking them to the movies and for food!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Samir's Last Day!!!

You have been a big help! The kids and everyone has appreciated your service.

Friday, July 22, 2011

ETW Volunteers! Tree Planting at Lions Beach General Santos, Philippines

Arrived 6:30 am at Lion's Beach. We found out that the plants we were suppose to plant another community already planted last night. Wendell spoke with Cenro and we received more baby plants. Take a look.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday 21, 2011 Irish, Wendell and Bernalita


Today Irish, Wendell and Bernalita led the activities. We played Word MASTER. It's was fun, educational and required the teams to be united. Good Job Irish!!

Evelyn is really dedicated to the children from the moment she arrives. She is very good with Micah. They are best friends. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mas Bday 8

Mas 8yrs old

Pin the tail on the pig.
Getting his first slice.

Friday, July 15, 2011


On July 15, 2011 Encouraging The World has sponsored and hosted the Nutritional Event at the Libi Elementary School. This was the first time the school had anything like it! Feeding 600- 700 Kids, Staff, Slipper Drive, Gifts, Activities, Entertainment, and we had all the authorities on earth and heaven there. People warned us to not go because of potential dangers. Gods favor was with all the details. We've won with our determination and it helped increase our faith. ETW appreciates all the volunteers and staff. Thank you.

Principal Flor

ETW Team

Arzeriel wrote: "congrats ETW... more power... more service... more acts... I enjoyed the outreach, miss this kind of activity, my last time was 2 years ago I think..."

Anne Belarmino7:20am Jul 15
Awesome! Cir Ron & the volunteers...your deeds are remarkable. Keep it up! God be with you always:)

John A. Adams
I concur with Kathy. It have always been of the opinion that those who worship God in spirit and in truth do not ask anyone's permission to do so. They do not prescribe to any movement other than that of the Messiah himself. You have taken his words to heart (..."If you do as I have been doing, you will do even greater things than these...") and have inspire many to take up the REAL mantle of The Christ. I love you my brother. Continue in the true ministry.

Our Hearts are inspired to be part of Encouraging The World and with God through those wonderful children in Libi Elementary School. And no money can buy our fulfillment having those memories with them.
Thanks God I found something great! Thank You Cir Ron and Samir t'Lam and the rest of the Volunteers.

    • Mac Speed Prosper Kimberly i knew a great girl, but i never knew this great' a wonderful girl with an excellent spirit. GOD will volunteer for you! And before you know it ur dreams for the kids will come true i assure you. God bless my Good friend.
      12 hours ago ·

    • Kimberly Kler Las wow... thank you.. i hope so... i really love the feeling of fulfillment.. i never felt it before,..
      12 hours ago · · 1 person

    • Mac Speed Prosper You will fill it this time, and ur joy will be an everlasting memory beyond human comprehension, because God almighty will grant ur efforts for the children with a grand favour, just watch out i assure you.
      11 hours ago ·

    • Mac Speed Prosper You will not only feel fulfillment, but you will become a fulfillment to the children, its a promise for you from God just be focussed dont get distracted you will reach ur goals.
      11 hours ago ·

    • Kimberly Kler Las thank you so much... i know God has a plan for those kids... for now, were working for the donation for the additional slippers for the 400 children.
      11 hours ago ·

    • Mac Speed Prosper Ok, am from nigeria, i already told you before? Is there any way i can be of help from here in Nigeria?. Dont know what to do.
      11 hours ago ·

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today was a sad day.

Yesterday Father Noi Noi informed me there will be changes at Gemma's pero I wasn't ready for it so quickly. Ako(I) came up the driveway and things were off. When Ako entered we planned to go forward with our activities that was already delayed. Thomas (8) then fell off the skateboard cutting his head and bruising his arm. I was shocked when he told me he didn't know his age and when his birthday was. I cleaned him up and 30 mins later he was fine. Micah was screaming because she had to go inside early.

Today we all exchanged numbers and emails because at this point, we are not sure who we will see the next day. This bothers me so much. I'm challenged. The kids are getting split up. MiMi is getting separated from her sisters KK's and J. Za's last night was tonight. Gosh the tears that ran down the faces. Cah's parents, I was told are coming to get her. I'm hoping that these kids get a fair chance.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Samir Facilitates St. Gemma Activities

Micah today was so happy to see me she was sitting on a swing next to Father Noi Noi and she got off and ran shouting as she saw me si Cirron si Cirron. She is 3 and gave me a big hug. She is attached to me.

Today Samir ran the activities. The kids were enjoying themselves. He started with a soccer game.

He later played capture the flag.

Francis and I played chess.


Teaching us a song.