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In 2007, Encouraging the World originated in the mind of its founder during a mountain hike in Cyprus. Since its conception, Encouraging the World (ETW) has worked in orphanages, juvenile homes, schools, and churches throughout the world.

ETW began in Bethlehem working with the Al-Harah Theater Group and Contacting the World. ETW choreographed and co-directed Facehook?!, currently touring the Middle East and Europe. This work aims to communicate the lives and struggles of Arab youth through music, dance, and drama.

ETW has launched several projects in the Philippines to serve orphan and juvenile communities, recruiting 50 volunteers from Thailand, Baltimore, Holland, and the Philippines. These projects included tree plantings, clothing drives, hosting a “Nutrition Month” for an elementary school, and feeding an indigenous community of 600 children and families.

In 2013, ETW was incorporated in Baltimore, Maryland and founded with a vision to offer youth volunteer community revitalization projects, awareness of global competence, international excursions, mentoring, youth leadership and conflict resolution programming.

In 2014, ETW Baltimore Youth served The Children's Light Ministries Orphanage and facilitated programming to support the build their home extension, hosted a youth sexual education workshop, and taught English to children 5 - 18 years old. ETW Baltimore Youth were empowered by facilitating and sharpening their leadership skills.

Encouraging the World was presented with:

2013 BMe Leadership Award

2014 Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation


ETW Youth Board
- ETWYB consist of 8-10 youth. Supports ETW with decision making, youth engagement, and programming.

ETW International Service Program
- ETW Youth Ambassadors engage in local community and youth development programming for 1 year.
- ETWYA travel abroad for a 2-week international service enrichment excursion, facilitating youth -led activities for parent-less children and receive leadership training.

ETW Time
- Safe space where youth and community can discuss, create, and form relationships. Produce media, art, speeches, and performance art related works about their lives. Monthly community chosen chats about social, economic, race, arts...


1. ETW Youth Board - To empower a selected group of youth to provide pathways for their peers to engage in positive relationships and opportunities.

2. ETW International Service Program - To expand and provide the ambassadors with a heighten awareness of global affairs and international economies by traveling.

3. ETW Time - To provide a safe space where youth and community can discuss, create, and form relationships. Produce media, art, speeches, and performance art related works about their lives.

Encouraging The World is a program of Fusion Partnerships, Inc..

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Center of HOPE worldwide-Laguna - ETW Volunteers in August.

We will volunteer at the Center below in August!

The Center of HOPE worldwide-Laguna, is a treatment center for abused children in the Philippines, specializing in child sexual and physical abuse cases primarily. The center offers short-term and long-term residential care, treatment and placement meeting the holistic needs of each child.

Residential care is primarily conducted through a total family approach wherein each child is given a father and mother (house parents) and brothers and sisters structure. The treatment of each child is being handled by a multi-disciplinary case management team, offering a wide range of skills, including psychological and psychiatric assessment.

The Center of HOPE worldwide-Laguna, has a goal to see an abused child and their families become whole again in which they have attained social functioning in an environment where they interact constructively, have developed a sense of hope and that encourages the child and their families to succeed.

The community-based Centers of HOPE worldwide addresses problems such as child sexual abuse, children on the streets and child neglect. The Centers acts as a safe-harbor for children where trained full-time staffs gain access to at-risk children.

Centers of HOPE worldwide community-based have been in operation since 1996 in several urban poor communities like Baseco, Pier South Manila and Payatas, Quezon City.

Below are some general listings of the programs provided:

  • Drop-In Program
  • Day Care Program
  • Essential Nutrients Program
  • Food for Life Nutrition Program
  • Family Development Program
  • Community Bakery

I've purchased my own tickets to General Santos, Davao and Manila, Philippines. Airfare was about $2000.oo We still need people to sponsor us. We need help with our accommodations, food, children's supplies, gifts and health kit. We have a PayPal account.
Go to and sponsor us there.

We have our budget set for the feeding program at the Libi Elementary School after I did a presentation at the Hope Worldwide conference a few weeks ago. We are planning to feed about 600 students. Please pray for us as it is a hike to get there. Pray for safety and that God's glory falls fresh upon the communities hearts.

This is a volunteer project. NOBODY gets paid from this project. This is All from the Heart!

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